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Promoting Your ARMA 3 Server

Last updated: May 14, 2022

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To date I have tested 33 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Arma 3 Server Hosting.

When I first owned an ARMA 3 server (check out my guide for choosing your own), I realized that I didn’t actually have many friends that played the game. This was a problem because I had just started renting a server but I only had two friends that actually played any of the ARMA franchise of games.

It was at that point I realized that I would have to try and promote my server in order to get more people to visit.

Well, how did you do it? You might ask. I’ll answer that below in 6 easy to follow tips.

Promoting Your ARMA 3 Server In 6 Tips

With a little bit of trial and error and a bit of hard work, I managed to expand my server very quickly and you can too with my 6 top tips.


This first tip may seem rather obvious but it’s often one that new server owners forget: Start by telling your friends on Steam and social media that you have just started an Arma 3 server. Give them the IP and try and arrange a time to all meetup and play.

If you have friends that don’t have the game then why not try and introduce them to it. ARMA 3 is often on sale during big sales events and it could be a great chance for you to give the game to your friend. It has also been free to try on special weekends so lookout for the next one, as this could be the perfect time to introduce your friends to it.

Friends Arma 3

Make sure you ask your friends to invite their friends to the server. The more people you can add the more chances you have of their friends wanting to join.

If you can get enough people to join at the start your server will start to expand very quickly.


Whenever I play ARMA 3 I often see users in the game spamming other servers for players to join. The process is usually automated using a bot that continually posts to the chat window. However I find that this has never worked on me, so I have always avoided going down that route.

ARMA 3 Squad

I do however find that communication goes a long way on other servers.

Become friendly with everyone and anyone that’s on the server, be as social as possible to build up an online friendship with the regular users. If you gain their trust over a few sessions they will be more likely to check out your server when you pop the question.

This method takes time, but the users you do recruit to your server will more than likely stick around much longer. They will also have other players that they know so you may gain even more players on your server by re-applying the “friends” tip I mentioned above.

Social Media

Using social media can be a great way to find new users, using methods such as:


I’d start by first advertising on your new server via a post.

You may not even realize that some of your friends on social media have ARMA3, which makes this a fantastic way to spread the word.

Create a short post highlighting how to connect to the server, what mods you use and how to connect you to find out more information.


Facebook, Twitch and Twitter are fantastic places to find ARMA 3 groups set up by other players. Most of these online groups will allow you to post for free.

This makes it a great place to advertise your server without having to pay for it. Make the post as appealing as possible, use images or videos to draw other group members’ attention.

ARMA 3 Reddit

Try to post about your server as often as you can, but don’t overdo it. Try to be subtle and be as active as you can in other parts of the group to improve your standing in the community.

I have recruited many players to my server using the below groups. Simply ask to join the group, introduce yourself and start promoting your server, it’s a great free way to find more players. 

Bidding on Server Lists

Server lists are a great way to advertise your server but you will have to pay for the privilege to be at the top. Many of the server lists offer a bidding system where you will need to to bid for the top few spots on the website

Typically, the more users the site has the more you will pay for these top spots.

If you are going to use this method I would contact various server lists for their pricing methods. Some will charge a daily fixed price and many others will use a bidding system.

Check out these server lists to get started:

I would advise that newer server owners create a free listing first, as it can sometimes be very expensive to use the premium features on server lists. The free option may not bring many players to your server but this will help you understand how server listing sites work.

Community Forums

Most Arma 3 forums have a dedicated section for players looking for servers and vice versa. It’s definitely worth searching for as many community forums as you can and post your server listing on these websites.

Community Forums

Try to make your listing personal (as new server listings appear daily on forums) and you will really need to make yours stick out as much as possible. Being unique goes a long way when you’re trying to attract new players to your server. If you have videos or images of people using your server then add these to the post.

The below steam community section is a great place to start:

Remember, don’t spam your posts and make sure you involve yourself in other postings as this will often help improve your standing within the community. It’s all about making as many positive connections as you can.

How to keep users on your server

Finding new players to join your server is very important, but keeping them on your server is even more important. You have to come up with a strategy to keep players coming back time and time again.

Here are a few of my personal tricks to keep players coming back:

Create your own community page or website for your server

Having your own space where you can talk about your server is great for building your community.

ARMA 3 Enjin Example

You can arrange events, update your users or have a space to talk about anything related to the game and your player base.

Have a playing schedule

If you have the time try making a daily community meeting time on the server. This will help fill the server up and give more players a chance to meet and play with each other. Creating a great community atmosphere will stop players from swapping to another server.

Listen to your community

Ask your users for feedback, if you are listening to what they want and how you can improve your server they are more likely to continue playing on your world.

Assign community members roles on the server

If you have some trusted players on your server with some server experience it’s worth handing out privileged roles to these users.

Community Warriors

If they are more than just a player they are less likely to join another server as they have more responsibilities and access on your server than they would on another. Unless of course, they decide to set up their own server.


Always try the free options before spending money on advertising. With the right amount of work and effort, you can easily improve your server for free.

It all depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

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