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Can You Get Free ARMA 3 Server Hosting?

Last updated: May 14, 2022

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To date I have tested 33 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Arma 3 Server Hosting.

Sadly it’s extremely hard to get free hosting, but it is possible if you know how.

In the past, I have managed to get free servers using a number of different methods including discount codes, free trials and more.

In this article, I will talk about the three ways I managed to get a free ARMA server.

My 3 Techniques For Getting A FREE ARMA 3 Server

ARMA 3 server hosting trial, how I got three months for FREE!

Game hosting companies won’t usually advertise a “free trial” on their website as they want you to sign up as soon as possible.

ARMA 3 Planning

However, in the past, I have had trials that have lasted up to 30 days before and even managed to get a three-month trial when my server provider forgot they let me have one for free.

The trick…

The trick is to contact the company and tell them that you are “very interested” in renting their service but you would like to first try their service first.

Mention that you are currently with a different host but you’re very keen to swap to a new one.

Tell them that you first need to trial the service and access the support they offer before committing to their service.

The aim here is to try and get the service for at least a week.

This may take a few minutes of negotiating with the customer support but they will give you a trial if you’re persistent.

Trial ARMA 3 Server on Live Chat

Once you have gained access to the free trial the clock is now ticking on the amount of time you have to play.

The next step…

The next step is to try and draw out your trial once the initial trial has ended.

The excuse I used was “I didn’t have enough time to play on the server to really experience what was on offer as I was away on holiday.”, I then asked them if I could simply get another week.

I did however mention that “my friends were impressed and said that the service ran smoothly” but I just wanted to make sure for myself.

This worked and I had another week free.

Now, this is where things got interesting.

The two-week trial ended and I was expecting to hear from the provider but nothing.

I logged in the next day and it was still running, at first, I thought it would be over soon but a week passed and we were still playing on it.

So I kept quiet and thought I would just keep playing until it eventually got switched off.

But I heard nothing.

Three months later…

Three months later I finally got an email saying that my service had been switched off, would I like to continue my service.

By now I had already had my fun on ARMA 3 and most of my friends no longer wanted to play as they had moved on to PUBG.

So I declined and the server was deleted. It turned out that my server was up for a total of 87 days. Which isn’t bad for a trial.

Maybe I got lucky, but it’s definitely worth trying as this has happened a couple of times now with trials lasting 7 to 87 days.

Get a sponsored server

Another way to get free hosting is to contact the hosting company with a sponsorship proposal.

Game hosting companies are trying to get their name out as much as possible and will happily work with gamers that are willing to advertise their services to fans and viewers.

ARMA 3 Twitch Hub

If you have a large social media following, YouTube or Twitch channel you could easily approach a smaller server company and exchange an ARMA 3 server for product placements on your channel or feed.

Below is a guide to help out each level of influencer, depending on your social media presence.

Twitch Followers Count0 – 10k followers or subscribers

It may be difficult to strike a deal with an established hosting company if you have under 10,000 subscribers or friends but it’s not impossible.

Instead of chasing the well-known hosts, I would suggest contacting smaller companies that have just started as they will more likely be interested in spreading the news about their service.

10k – 1m followers or subscribers

Companies will be more willing to offer you a free server with this amount of followers or subscribers.

This is because you have a lot more people that can potentially see their products on your media platform.

Game server hosting companies tend to look for gaming channels and Twitch streamers.

More than 1m

If you have more than a million potential customers that may be interested in game server hosting you will not only have the chance to get a free server but you could probably end up making money from your free server also.

Hosting companies have affiliate schemes that pay users for their referrals which can either be redeemed in cash or hosting credits, which you can use to buy more servers.

You also have the potential to become a named partner on their site and could collaborate with a hosting company for additional money.

Hosting a free server on an additional computer

The last option is to host a server locally.

Luckily I have a spare computer that I often use for game server hosting.

My Old Gaming PC

It’s an old gaming computer so it can run a large server pretty easily, plus I can leave it running all day if my friends want to play the game while I’m out.

This option isn’t for everyone as you will need to have a second computer that you can use as a server.

It takes work…

This method does require server install knowledge which does take some work, so you will need to have the knowledge or be willing to learn how to set a server up.

It’s a great option for players that want to run a server cheaply on a second computer.

Alternatively, you could also run it on the same PC you are playing on.

This will cause problems if you’re using a low-quality PC as it will struggle to run both the server and the game client at the same time.


Sadly hosting isn’t free, however, if you’re creative you could possibly get lucky or earn a server by using the above methods I have used in the past.

To summarize these are the three methods you should try before paying for a server:

  1. Ask a game server hosting company for a free trial.
  2. Turn your social media audience into a free server
  3. Host a server on an additional PC or the computer you are playing on.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 33 popular Arma 3 Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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