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Find an Arma 3 Squad To Play With

Last updated: January 8, 2022

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To date I have tested 33 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Arma 3 Server Hosting.

Arma 3 is a team game, so it’s important to have other people to play with right?

Finding a new group of players to join your Arma 3 server can seem like a daunting task if you’re new to the game or struggle to make new friends.

My 4 Tips For Finding AN ARMA 3 Squad

With these 4 helpful tips, you will find a squad in no time.

Join new servers

When Arma 3 first came out I liked to test different servers. I believed that if I tried playing on multiple servers I would find one that I really enjoyed. I must have tried 30 – 40 servers before I found the one that I eventually played on for a couple of months (I have covered my process for choosing a provider here).

It’s a great way of finding new squad members as you can either join an existing squad or try to create a new one with other solo players. You are already in the game, all you need to do now is communicate with other players.

The Arma 3 server list

How do you improve your chances of finding new squad members on other servers?

  • Choose a server hosted in your own country
  • Join servers with the Mods you are interested in
  • Be active on the server
  • Communicate as much as possible
  • Be a good team player
  • Advertise yourself (Let them know you’re looking for a squad)
  • Join Private server Chats
  • Get to know new players

Join an existing Squad

If you’re new to playing the game it may be a better idea to join an existing squad.

Finding players to start a new squad can often be difficult if you’re new to the game yourself. This is because a lot of experienced players that you meet will want to play with more experienced players.

ARMA 3 Squad

However I have found that existing groups are usually very accommodating to new players, this can be a great way to meet friends and improve your in-game skills as well.

You can often find groups advertising on servers, community forums, steam and social media. Be sure to check out comments and group pages by squads looking for new players, you could be just the recruit they are looking for.

Community Forums and Websites

A great free way to find new players is using community-based forums. Websites like Reddit and the Steam Community both have sections where users are advertising their squads. Simply look out for posts that are looking for units. The squad will post a massive blurb about who they are, what they do and how to join.

If you’re looking to create your own squad then this is a great place to grab inspiration. Look at how other squads are advertising.

A Reddit thread

Reddit is a fantastic place to start searching:

There are also a few specialist websites that focus on matching squads and players together like Guilded. Players looking for groups can sign up and can create a profile that can be seen by thousands of other players. You can also of course advertise your group here and find players.

Check out Guilded to find your next squadmate:


There are plenty of people creating content about Arma 3 on YouTube which makes it a great place to find other like-minded players.

I have found in the past that the comment section is a great way to connect with Arma players.

Commentators will usually talk amongst themselves on videos and this can be a great way to become friendly with new potential squad members.

  • Introduce yourself in the comment section
  • Actively reply and join in discussions
  • Talk about your own experiences
  • Add your server listing in the comments
  • Ask people you connect with to try your server

Always be polite and friendly on social media platforms and let people get to know you. Once you have built up some re-pore with a person, suggest that they check out your server.


These are just a few helpful tips to help you find a squad. Community is always the biggest factor in any multiplayer game. So remember to be active, respect your teammates and enjoy the game.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 33 popular Arma 3 Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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