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Last updated: June 17, 2022

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To date I have tested 33 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Arma 3 Server Hosting.

ARMA 3 is an absolute beast of a game that rivals similar titles such as Battlefield, Squad and other members of the ARMA franchise.

The developers have made an amazing attempt to keep the 3rd installment of the ARMA series alive by releasing periodical updates that massively enhance or alter the game.

This new downloadable content (DLC) comes in different flavors and adds new maps, weapons/items and missions.

The developers have released DLC in the past that range from completely changing the theme of the game all the way to adding a few specialized vehicles to it.

The DLC Available For ARMA 3

I’m going to go through the additions made to the game by these new packs you can get for free or purchase below.

They are ordered the newest release first, with the oldest at the bottom of the page.


ARMA 3 Contact - Scanner

A controversial DLC for ARMA 3 available on the Steam Store currently for $30. The reviews are a mix of positive and negative with a strong theme running through them.

A lot of hardcore fans of the ARMA series have bought the add-on (as it seems they buy all of them) and found themselves feeling ripped off.

For a high price for an add-on (you can find plenty of whole games for less than that price), it doesn’t seem to contain very much for your money.

Many people complain that the mere addition of a map, a human detecting wand, 5 guns, 2 vehicles and around 5 hours of single-player mode is not enough for the price.

What does tick people’s boxes is the varied content you get in the story mode that takes the game in a completely different direction, although this isn’t everyone’s attitude.

Another pro for some people is the new map the DLC is based around, a high-quality dark forest with an alien feel to it posing new challenges to players.


ARMA 3 Tanks

For a sensible $10 on the Steam Store, you can get the Tanks DLC for ARMA 3.

Contained in this add-on are 3 new tanks to drive or be a passenger in along with the addition of 2 new scenarios to complete.

Along with those great additions to the game is an improvement to all vehicles in the game’s interiors, audio, handling and damage modeling.

Reviews for this DLC remain positive among most with a few people complaining that they were expecting more from this DLC.


ARMA 3 Tac-Ops - Sniper

Tactical operations themed add-on for ARMA 3 called Tac-Ops brings 3 new single-player operations to take part in.

The mission pack is priced cheaper than the other DLC at only $5 but the reviews don’t look good for it.

Many players have complained that the missions are not enjoyable and are badly thought out.

Laws of War

ARMA 3 Laws of War - UAV's

Adding a humanitarian level to the game is Laws of War, DLC for ARMA 3 centered around third party’s involvement in the war theatre.

Loads of new vehicles and equipment are added to the game with a less violent direction taken.

Clear mines from war-zones to help bring peace to the locals, or even transport migrants out of danger in a van.

A lot of the feedback for the downloadable content has been positive but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Malden (FREE)

ARMA 3 Malden - Helicopter

A free map is added to the game when you download and install the Malden add-on for ARMA 3 set in 2035.

Inside that map is improved models for buildings improving the visuals of the games lightly.

Reviews are pretty good (well it is free) with the only negative ones noting that they cannot get the DLC to work for them.


ARMA 3 Jets - Cockpit

In the Jets DLC for ARMA 3, you gain an additional 4 jets to take to the sky with a new scenario to practice and show them off in, for $10.

Not only have the developers added new models of the jets they have also improved the tracking systems used by the weaponry, so you can sample real-world technology.

Like most of the paid-for DLC on this page, the reviews are fairly mixed, many say it doesn’t work, isn’t realistic enough or the content doesn’t warrant the price.

Some reviewers are saying only to buy the add-on if you have a taste for fighter jets, though this is probably common sense!


ARMA 3 Apex - Scope

A large DLC pack priced at $25 is Apex, which includes a new map, gear, vehicles and scenarios.

The new Tanoa map is set in a dense tropical jungle with a strong Vietnam feel to it.

The 10 new vehicles that are included include land, sea and air units with new specialized functions.

Reviews are pretty good for the DLC, the main gist is that if you enjoy the ARMA franchise and need more of it to get this.

The small number of negative reviews complain that it’s not great value for money, though it seems to contain more than the other downloadable content the developers have released.


ARMA 3 Marksmen - Sniper led down

If you are a fan of sniping and taking out enemies from afar without them knowing then definitely check out the Marksmen DLC priced at around $10.

The add-on includes a range of new weapons (mainly rifles) along with accessories such as scopes for them.

A new reconnaissance mission is included to put your marksmen skills to the test.

Reviews are mainly positive with a few mentioning that this should have been included in the core game for free.


ARMA 3 Helicopters - Cockpit

If you are a fan of flying helicopters then check out the Helicopters DLC for ARMA 3, adding 2 of the flying machines and a few other new features to the game.

The add-on not only brings those 2 additional aerial vehicles, but it also contains a new type of single-player mode that involves moving soldiers around the battlefield.

The price tag of $15 is bashed by the community due to the lack of new content, so it’s only really recommended for those who are passionate about helicopters.


ARMA 3 Karts - Racing

An odd addition to the game through DLC, Karts for ARMA 3 brings with it… Go Karts!

For a few dollars, you can turn your ARMA 3 game into a go-kart simulator and play in single or multiplayer online on a private server even.

I’m not sure who asked for this addition to the game but judging by the comments it seems as though it’s not a complete waste of money.

If you are a fan of racing games then I am sure there are plenty of other specialized titles you could buy that would quench your thirst for cutthroat action instead.


ARMA 3 Zeus - Overview

The first DLC available for ARMA 3 released in 2014 was Zeus, now on Steam Store for around $30.

This extension for the title takes the player up into third-person mode to alter the battlefield in a way only a god really could.

The reviews paint a positive picture with the only negative ones being pushed on the Steam Store page focusing on the price tag.

If you are a fan of Command and Conquer style games or maybe even sandbox games like Garry’s Mod then this may be of interest to you.

Game Hosting Companies That Cater For ARMA 3 DLC

If you play any of the flavors of ARMA 3 mentioned on this page and you are looking for a server hosting provider then it’s worth double-checking before buying.

Not all companies offer a simple way to turn your ARMA 3 server into a DLC supporting one.

Ideally want you to want is a provider that offers a 1 click install, so you can easily and quickly switch between versions.

I have checked and these providers offer such a feature with their hosting:

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 33 popular Arma 3 Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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