About Me

My name is Jason Lawrence and I have built Arma3Hosts.com to spread the research I have had to do in order to find the right Arma 3 hosting provider. I didn’t build this site to get rich (I wish!), the small token kick-backs I get from the hosting providers help keep the lights on and allow me to improve this site.

After finding I had to go through 3 different providers (not naming any names) before finding the ideal one I thought that the journey would make an awesome website.

I hope that this info is as helpful to you as it was to me, I’m now pleasantly set up with 3 different worlds serving 100+ players a day across my little network now.

The Games I Like

It’s not just Arma 3 that I play, you will also find me playing:

Images Used On This Site

Tank logo – Military Tank Silhouette – Military Tank Silhouette Png @clipartmax.com